Darek Bazaczek

Graphic artist, designer, illustrator, cartoonist. Passionate about the world, literature, contemporary design, guitar (fingerstyle: bossanova, jazz) and table tennis. A beloved combination: the prose of Franz Kafka, a cigar, a glass of suitable cognac and a chair with a view.

Since 1985 he has projected for such companies as BBC, Microsoft, Skanska, General Electric, Oxford University Press, Sanoma Group, Saab, VW, 20th Century Fox, Ministry of Education in Poland and many others. From 1996 to 2012 he was the artistic director and designer at YDP, a company operating in the international publishing industry. Since 1997 he has been running his design studio deStu (formerly B-design Studio and Studio Bazaczek). At that time his graphics and drawings were presented at several exhibitions in Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia.

His cartoons were also published in magazines such as Poznaj Świat, Przegląd Przemysłowy, Wybrzeże, Czas, Gazeta Uniwerystecka, Gazeta Wyborcza, Tygodnik Zamojski, Look (London) and others.