DESTU in the movie: Xmas on Fire

Our design in Xmas on Fire, the Warnuts Entertainment production. This movie is a part of an unusual collection.

The collection will be the world’s first cinematic Advent calendar. It’s filled with 24 short films about the dark side of the festive season, by 24 directors from around the globe. They will deliver merry tales of Christmas terror and holiday horror, ranging from classic scares to black humor to sci-fi to splatter.

The movie is directed by Florian Frerichs. Production design: Patricia Walczak.

We have design a stylised logo of a fictional De Souza’s Jewellery shop. Here, the film’s action reaches the highest point of the dramatic curve and ends surprisingly.

Info, featured image: Warnuts Entertainment.

Graphic design example: logo

Photo: Lars-Kjeld Riedel

Photo: Stefan Guentherson

Photo: Lars-Kjeld Riedel