DESTU – what it is and where it comes from

First, we must find out what is destu and where it comes from. But more interesting question could be: what is it NOT?

We thought that destu might be a word that came from a destination. We’d say this combination is very good. Destu could be very good destination. It might even be destiny. But it turns out that it’s not destu’s destiny to have something in common with a destination.

We checked some slang dictionaries and found that dest means an extremely skilled person. Yes, we are skilled in our profession, so this this association is very good as well. But don’t look for more slang meanings of dest. It’s not about us. We are not dests and our destu doesn’t come from it.

One day, we discovered that the pronunciation of destu is similar to the stew. This association is delicious and if you like stews, we can be the best one of all.

Yeah, the stew looks interesting (if you are not a vegetarian), but we are sorry – we’re just destu.

We keept looking for destu meanings in the web and found an esteemed French Destu family that lived in Burgundy since the early ages.  C’est un grand honneur pour nous, mais nous sommes des gens simples.

We discovered more interesting meanings of destu in the web, but in the end we faced the hard truth.  Destu is just a trivial acronym of design studio.

The next day we were down and drinking. And then we remembered the previous name of our  graphic design studio. Studio Bazaczek was too long and maybe too hard to pronounce if you’re not Polish. And that is why we decided to shorten it and finally changed it to deStu.

Now everything is simple and clear and we’re happy and relaxed. Waiting to work for you.